Microsoft Access Development Tip. Saving email hyperlinks in a table.

A recent Microsoft Access development project caused us to look for a creative way to generate an email from Microsoft Access, save the email as a .MSG file, and create a hyperlink in an Access table.  We came across a piece of software called MessageSave which we have been able to integrate into the process.  The process is:

  • Microsoft Access opens a new email in Outlook.  Access then pauses.
  • MessageSave saves the email as a .MSG file and calls a VBScript
  • The VBScript writes a text file with the name of the saved .MSG file.
  • Microsoft Access resumes.  It reads the text file and saves the file location as a hyperlink in a table

We decided to make the sample code available as a download.  You can read all about the process used, see the sample code, and download a free Microsoft Access database from our website.  Click here for more information, and to download the free Microsoft Access database.

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