Replacement for Powerdesk

I have been a devout user of Powerdesk.  For those who don’t know the software it is a replacement for Windows Explorer.  It has much more functionality.  One of my favourites is the ability to split the screen.  You can see one directory in one pane and another in a second pane.  You can drop and drag files between panes for example.  You can also visually compare files in different folders.  Unfortunately Powerdesk seems to have reached the end of it’s useful life.  I have had nothing but problems in Windows 7 and from various blogs, I am not the only one.  After upgrading from version 6 to 7 to 8, it is time to look elsewhere.

While looking through a few comments, I came across a recommendation for another piece of software called Xplorer2 Lite.  It does most of what Powerdesk does and some things it doesn’t.  Thought I would download and try it.  So far, very impressed and the bonus is it is free.  There is a paid version that I will certainly be buying for only $29:95.  It has some clever features such as having a panel you can dump various files and folders then do something with them.  I could imagine collecting a number of music files to put into a single folder, or documents from various folders to copy to a single folder.  Another nice feature I found was a big collection of videos that show you how to use particular features.

Before anyone asks, I have no financial incentive to promote this product.  I just think it is a great tool, and would like to offer my support.  You can find out more at

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  1. Pavel says:

    There is also Far or TotalCommander. Both are great.

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