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Business Requirements Software

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Since we developed the Method H technique for gathering business requirements, we have sold thousands of copies of our Method H software.  For around US$35 it is a bargain.  The software uses Microsoft Access.  We have now released a version that will install an Access runtime file to enable you to use it even if you don’t have Access installed.  One recent purchaser told us

“This just blew away the users.  They picked up the technique in a few minutes and I looked like a real hero.”

It is not often you can learn a new technique in 10 minutes.  Read more about Method H by clicking here.

To see the software, click here.

It is not often you can learn a new technique in 10 minutes.It is not often you can learn a new technique in 10 minutes.It is not often you can learn a new technique in 10 minutes.

New Release of Business Analysis Software

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Project Perfect has released version 3 of our Method H software. The software enables business analysts to capture requirements from users using the Method H process. The new release includes a tabbed screen to record inputs, outputs, functionality, data, business rules and notes. This is in addition to the standard Method H screen. Based on current exchange rates, the software is available for about US$31.
For more information, click here

New Version of Method H

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Our popular requirements gathering tool, Method H has just been updated to version 3.  A beta is available for existing users to test.

Changes include the updating of the user interface to match the colour scheme used in Project Administrator.  We also added a new tabbed screen.  The previous “H” format screen is still available but you can now see the same data in a screen where there are tabbed pages for inputs, outputs, business rules etc.

If you are an existing user, and would like to try the beta release, send an email to  Include in the email details of when you purchased Method H.  If you have a copy of the email you received, include that to allow us to confirm your purchase.