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White Paper on Discipline in Projects

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

A constant complaint from those involved in projects is that there is too much bureaucracy. A process has been set up and it must be followed regardless of the size or complexity of the project. One size fits all. This white paper covers some of the things to consider when deciding how much rigor to apply to a project. Read More

New Version of Method H

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Our popular requirements gathering tool, Method H has just been updated to version 3.  A beta is available for existing users to test.

Changes include the updating of the user interface to match the colour scheme used in Project Administrator.  We also added a new tabbed screen.  The previous “H” format screen is still available but you can now see the same data in a screen where there are tabbed pages for inputs, outputs, business rules etc.

If you are an existing user, and would like to try the beta release, send an email to  Include in the email details of when you purchased Method H.  If you have a copy of the email you received, include that to allow us to confirm your purchase.

Project Methodology

Monday, July 20th, 2009

I am a danger if there is a whiteboard in the room.  I can’t help myself.  Maybe it is just that I think in patterns and design.  One of my regular attacks on the whiteboard is to explain to people how a Project Management Methodology fits with a Software Development Methodology, or an Infrastructure Development Methodology.  I have found people generally confused about where one ends and the other begins.  To me, it is very simple,  Look at the diagram below.

Project Management Framework

We start with a project management framework.  It covers such things as risk assessments, defining roles and responsibilities, setting scope, our procurement policy etc.  We can plug in any sort of project to this framework.  A Project Management Methodology tells us we should define roles and responsibilities.  If it is an application Development methodology, the roles will be different to a an Infrastructure Rollout.  They will also be different to a Construction project.

The common denominator is that we need to identify and define roles and responsibilities.  That is what a Project Management Methodology covers.  It doesn’t tell us what those roles and responsibilites are.  The bit that plugs in (Applications Development Methodology, or Package Selection Methodology) tells us that.

While some risks will be common, HOW to do a risk assessment is the focus of a Project Management Methodology.  WHAT are the risks to look for is in the plug in part.  For example what risks are common in Applications Development?  What are the common risks in Package Selection or Infrastructure?

A pure Project Management Methodology should be applicable across any sort of project – IT, Construction, Engineering, Business etc.  If you look at PMBOK, it tells you the activities that should take place in any project.  It does not talk about specific industries.  If you can get people to understand this concept, it will make it much easier to build a process for your organisation.  First construct the Project Management layer, then plug in various types of project underneath.

A white paper we published some years ago expands on the subject.  Click here for more information.

New Package Software System Methodology

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Today, Project Perfect released our new system methodology tool SP2 or Software Package Selection Process (SPSP or SP2 ).  It is a selection tool for a software package selection.  SP2 starts out from the idea, and works through feasibility, requirements, selection, configuration and implementation.  It ends with the project closure.

The system methodology is a web site that will guide you through the selection of a software package.   The web site consists of 12 phases and each phase has a number of activity.  The activities are supported by templates and reference sources.

To give you an idea of how comprehensive the package selection framework is, there are:

  • 12 phases
  • 164 activities within those phases each with it’s own web page listing purpose, inputs, steps, deliverables, instructions, templates and more information.
  • 121 Templates
  • 31 Reference Documents including extensive guides for things like risk management, benefit identification, testing etc.
  • Numerous references to Project Perfect White Papers on topics that are relevant to that part of the project.

It has been a massive development over a year in the making.  It has drawn on the experiences of many project managers and project management resources to put together. Aside from actually purchasing the material to use within your own organisation, you can actually tailor it to suit your own requirements and processes.

By using SP2 you will select and implement the right software package.  Not only that, you can do it faster, cheaper and with less risk.

To find out more click here