White Paper – Asta PowerProject Project Management Software

It started with an unsolicited phone call. Would I be interested in looking at Asta Project Management Software. I would probably get ten offers a week to look at anything from new phone plans to listing in directories. This one sounded more interested so after talking with Michael for a while I asked if he could send me some information.

When it arrived, I was impressed. I decided that since I had never heard of the software, there were probably many other project managers out there who had never heard of it either. Whilst we don’t usually promote products through our white papers, I thought it a worthwhile exercise to publish a paper which will alert a few people to the existence of the software and if you are looking for a product, make some enquiries.

In putting this together, I would like to thank Michael Buddee, Karol Kot and Michael Cook from Solid Support in Sydney (www.solidsupport.com.au) for providing the information. Most of this white paper is plagiarised from the material they sent me.

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