White Paper on Discipline in Projects

A constant complaint from those involved in projects is that there is too much bureaucracy. A process has been set up and it must be followed regardless of the size or complexity of the project. One size fits all. This white paper covers some of the things to consider when deciding how much rigor to apply to a project. Read More

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  1. hiten says:

    Few challenges which are common to IT project management stream are unrealistic deadlines, communication deficits, scope changes, uncertain dependencies, failure to manage risks, lack of skills, lack of accountability, communication gaps between various stakeholders etc. Usually, the organizations to take up the project to portfolio do not reveal all these so openly because of one or more reasons. The worst part is when the partner organization hides the ground reality from relevant stakeholders because of whatever reasons. There are unimaginable cases where top organizations were caught doing visa frauds, deploying less skilled resources, not sharing the ground level challenges or risks and keeping project stakeholders in dark on so many other fronts. This article focuses on how service orientation in IT project management can be leveraged to improve on end to end delivery visibility, and end to end delivery governance enabling well informed decision making at all times at all stages of delivery.

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