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    Scope Management
    Defining Project Scope
    Change Management in Projects
    Root Causes of Schedule Slippage
    Scope Management
    Scope Tips
    Managing Scope Creep
    Managing Changes to Estimates
    Time Management
    Managing Uncertainty in Project Planning
    Reducing Time Spent on Requirements
    Resource Management
    The New Face of the Project Team Member
    Project Performance Management - Part 1
    Project Performance Management - Part 2
    Managing a Project Team
    Motivate a Project Team
    Resource Management and Communication
    Getting 'buy in' from the Business
    Managing offshore agile projects - Part 1
    Managing offshore agile projects - Part 2
    IT Recruitment - Part 1
    IT Recruitment - Part 2
    IT Recruitment - Part 3
    Managing the Sponsor
    Managing Project Team Members
    Social Architecture
    Key Stakeholder Support
    Hiring Good Project Team Members
    Resourcing a Project
    Customer Relationship with Business
    Effective People Management in the Global IT Industry
    Power Developer Squads
    Cost Management
    Creative Project Accounting
    Setting up a Project Budget and managing expenditure
    Risk Management
    A Framework for Project Risk Assessment
    Risk Management PowerPoint Presentation
    An Alternate View on Risk Management
    Selling Risk Management
    Enterprise Risk Management
    Project Assumptions
    Basic Risk Management
    Quality Management
    Addressing the cause of Defects
    Project Estimation Effectiveness
    Improving Software Quality
    Casual Analysis
    Quality by Design
    Building a Quality Culture
    Project Quality Plan
    Quality - A Health Capsule (CMM)
    Function Points - An Overview
    Measuring Project Health
    Developing a Quality Index
    Communication Management
    Project Management Public Relations
    Effective Project Communication Management
    Project Management 2:
    Change Management - A Case Study
    Communication Planning & Change Mgmt (PowerPoint download)
    Communication Planning
    Procurement Management
    Project Differentiators
    Project Negotiation
    Project Review
    Readiness Assessments
    Rescuing a Project in Crisis - Part 1
    Rescuing a Project in Crisis - Part 2 "Project Health Check"
    Rescuing a Project in Crisis - Part 3
    The Value of Lessons Learned
    Governance, Metrics, Planning and Tracking
    Project Performance Management
    Portfolio Management Case Study
    Legal Concepts in Contract and Project Management
    Improving the accuracy of Function Point Counts
    System Models and Simulation
    Stoplights in Microsoft Project
    Helping Business Managers Evaluate Potential Projects
    Helping Business Managers Evaluate Existing Projects
    Basics of Microsoft Project Scheduling
    IT Governance & Project Governance
    Project Governance
    Project Weekly Status Report
    Reporting from Microsoft Project
    Project Initiation & Business Case
    When does a Project Start?
    Need a Project Manager
    Starting a Project
    The Business Case, Project Charter and Phase Plans.
    Vision, Business Problem, Outcome, Objectives & all that stuff
    An Alternative to the Business Case
    The Role of Market Research in IT Projects
    Project Software, Methodology and Process
    Asta PowerProject Project Management Software
    Agile Development
    New Product Development Project Selection
    Business Process Benefits and ROI - ABBER
    New Business Process Methodology - ABBER
    The Theory of Constraints
    Level of discipline in a project
    Design for Hybrid Agile Adoption
    Implementing a Project Infrastructure
    Project Infrastructure
    Implementing a Methodology
    Project Advocate - A new concept
    Program Mgmt and Project Office
    PMO External Affairs Strategy
    Setting up a Project Office
    Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
    IT Portfolio Management Model
    Identification of Benefits
    Software Selection & Purchase
    Software Purchase Process
    Contract Bidding and Technology Evaluation
    Buying Software - Vendor Tricks
    Software Pricing Traps
    "Method H" ™
    Introduction to Data Normalisation
    TOPE. A technique for Problem Evaluation
    How to enable Business driven IT
    Requirements Mgmt & Stakeholders
    Requirements Traceability
    Business Process Modeling Overview
    JAD Facilitation
    Development & Testing
    Developing a Test Strategy
    Developing a Test Plan
    Build & Smoke Testing
    Agile Programming Overview
    Totally RAD Dude
    Lean Project Development
    Generic Project Management
    Emerging PM Topics
    Global Project Management
    Deconstructing a $1 billion Disaster
    Hypocrisy in Project Management
    Process Driven PPM
    Strategies for Project Success
    Project Managing a New Boat
    Dynamics of Project Management
    Project Management 2.0
    Making decisions in Projects
    Introduction to Project Management (Free PowerPoint download)
    Project Management Predictions
    Making Decisions in Projects
    Simple Explanation of Project Management
    To create a Microsoft Project Schedule or not
    Comparing a Building and IT project
    Why IT Projects Fail
    Running a Supply Chain Project
    Effective Project Management
    ERP Implementation - Some Traps
    Small Business Start Up using Project Mgmt
    Automation Systems Project Management -
Part 1
    Automation Systems Project Management -
Part 2
    Managing project documents
    Making Processes Word for Maintenance & Support
    Carrying out Analysis in Business - Part 1
    Carrying out Analysis in Business - Part 2
    New Trends in Project Management
    Project Multitasking
    Fashion in Projects
    Project Interviewing Techniques
    Effective Beta Program
    Technology Change Management
    Service Delivery Management
    Operational Change Control
    Knowledge Management in Software
    Data Warehouse Decision Making
    Project Folder Structure
    Brainstorming Techniques
    PPM and ERP Integration Guidelines
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