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Meeting Software

It is hard to argue that agendas and minutes are not helpful for a meeting. The problem is it takes too long to document and distribute an agenda, then record the meeting minutes and distribute those to attendees. If meeting actions are recorded, they are often just something that is forgotton until the next meeting.

What if there was a piece of meeting software that would make the whole meeting process quick and efficient?

We can help. Our meeting management software called Meeting Administrator is now available in a free beta version.

     Download free meeting software

Meeting management software
Meeting Administrator will help you:  
  • Create meeting agendas
  • Create meeting minutes using the information you entered for the meeting agenda
  • Can use a shared database so that several people can have access and collaborate on meeting agendas and meeting minutes
  • Create meeting action items
  • Email meeting agendas and meeting minutes to participants
  • Create reports of meeting action items such as actions overdue, due by person, due by date etc.
  • Can be installed in minutes
  • Learning takes about 15 minutes
  • No need to involve corporate IT in the setup

Meeting Software Concept

Think of a meeting as three levels of information.

  • The generic information. The meeting name, venue, date and time and invitees.
  • The meeting items. What are the topics to be discussed in the meeting, who is responsible and how long should each item be allocated.  After the meeting has been held, was the item resolved, and what was decided.
  • Meeting Actions.  For each meeting item, who is to do what, and when is it to be completed by

Meeting Administrator captures the information like this:

  • Generic Information is captured in the three top tabs - Main Details, People and Notes.
  • Meeting Items are captured in the bottom half of the screen. You can see the buttons to navigate through the items on the right, and the sequence of agenda items on the left.
  • Meeting Actions are recorded for each meeting item on the tab for the item. You can see the action tab under "Meeting Item". You can also see there are two action items for this meeting item. Both are uncompleted.
Meeting Management Software Manual