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"Method H" ™

What is "Method H" ™

"I just completed a 2-day process analysis with a client, using 'Method H'. Everyone agreed that this was a very effective way to capture and record their critical business processes, and the whole group really enjoyed using the structured approach your software provides.

I intend to make 'Method H' my company's standard model for all future process analysis consultations with our clients."

Mike Page
Director & Senior Consultant
Springfield Interactive UK

"Method H" ™ is a new and simple technique for gathering business requirements. It provides a structure for a Business Analyst to interview a user and collect details. It was developed by Project Perfect to overcome the problem of BAs not having a communication technique they could use to translate the way business user saw the world, into an IT context.

To support "Method H" ™ Project Perfect provide a free Microsoft Access program which can be used for recording information, producing up to 12 reports and an instructions manual.

Note: We do not provide support for the software. Since it runs on Microsoft Access most issues will be related to Access installations which can vary from computer to computer.


How does it work.

Method H DiagramThe business analysis interview is structured around a grid of information. The grid forms a "H" hence the name. It consists of five components:

IT View

From an IT perspective, the Business Analyst is collecting the following information.

Method H - IT View

Business View

From the perspective of the business user, they are telling the BA what they do in the following format. They are answering the questions set out below.

Method H - Business View

How do you use the Microsoft Access Program

The ideal way is to use a screen or data projector to enter the data interactively with one user, or a group. The data entered will raise questions as you explore each issue. For example suppose a user mentions that they carry out a credit check on an order.

Business Analysis Software See the software    
White Paper on Method H Business Analysis Technique See our white paper which explains "Method H" ™ in more detail, and has a full example
Download Method H Software

Download the software - 32 bit Access Download Method H Software Download the software - 64 bit Access
NOTE: The version of Access may, or may not be the same as your version of Windows. Check if your version of Microsoft Office is 32 or 64 bit. Click here to see how to check 32 or 64 bit

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