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As part of the development of the Business Analysis technique, we looked at how it could become a more interactive process. The solution was to display the information as it was captured by the Business Analyst. It achieved a number of things.

  • People could focus on what was evolving from the discussion with the Business Analyst
  • It helps the BA keep the conversation on track
  • It breaks the business analysis information down into a number of categories that are easier to digest
  • It saves the BA writing up the results from cryptic notes taken during the discussion
"You will have seen from your records that I bought a copy of your "Method H" software recently. I used it on an assignment to help analyse the high level system landscape of a bank and very well it worked too! Effectively cut 3 days out of the 10 day project, giving me more time to do "value-add"."

Ian Steward
United Kingdom

Method H Screen

In the spirit of keeping the business analysis software simple, we have chosen to develop an application using Microsoft Access (.mde file). The application includes a main screen where the Business Analyst adds data. The screen also includes some pop up screens to update project information, and to create notes regarding the interview.

You do not need Microsoft Access installed. The installation program will install a runtime version if you do not have Access on your computer.

The key is that the information can be projected onto a screen by the BA and form the basis for collecting data. Information is logged by the Business Analyst as they go.

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The same information is also available in a tab format screen. This is easier to use with experienced business users. It is also easy for a Business Analyst to review and sort the information.

Click to see the tab screen


There are three reporting menus.

  • Project Level
  • Individual interview Level
  • Business Process Level

The screen to the right is used to select all of a category for a project. For example, it will print out all the Inputs recorded across all interviews for that project. There is also a consolidated report which lists every category (Inputs, Outputs, Functionality, Business Rules, Data and Notes).

The other set of reports requires selection of both a project, and an interview, or a project and a business process.

The reports can also be downloaded into Microsoft Excel for further manipulation by the BA.

Method H Reports


Sure, you could produce an Access program yourself, but what is your time worth? How long would it take, and how much does that work out per hour? This program has been tested, and refined to fill your requirements. It works first time.

The product is available in two versions. One uses Access 32 bit, the other Access 64 bit.

Download Method H Software

Download the software - 32 bit Access Download Method H Software Download the software - 64 bit Microsoft Access
NOTE: The version of Access may, or may not be the same as your version of Windows. Check if your version of Microsoft Office is 32 or 64 bit. Click here to see how to check 32 or 64 bit



  • Get better results from BA interviews
  • Get faster results and waste less of the user's time
  • Build a communication bridge so that users can see what is being documented
  • Technique is easy to learn for both you and the participants
  • Technique can be applied immediately with the software
  • BAs project a more professional image
"I just completed a 2-day process analysis with a client, using 'Method H'. Everyone agreed that this was a very effective way to capture and record their critical business processes, and the whole group really enjoyed using the structured approach your software provides. I intend to make 'Method H' my company's standard model for all future process analysis consultations with our clients."

Mike Page
Director & Senior Consultant
Springfield Interactive UK

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