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Microsoft Access Development

If you are considering a Microsoft Access development, you might want to think about Project Perfect to help you. We have a team of MS Access developers who can build any MS Access database for you. This Access development capability has grown out of our development of Microsoft Access project management tools over the last decade. There are many Microsoft Access Developers around but we believe we can deliver three main benefits over our competitors.
  1. We eat our own cake.
    The MS Access developments we do for our own software ensures we create solid, maintainable code. There is no flashy code that works most of the time and can never be modified because nobody really understands it. All our software is well structured and the coding documented so that anyone can understand what it does. Click here to see what we mean.
  2. We are primarily Project Managers.
    We are not just MS Access developers running a Microsoft Access development. We are Project Managers running an MS Access Development. This means you get a project manager as well as a Microsoft Access developer.
  3. We write great documentation.
    Our manuals are written using a technique called Information Mapping . It is a scientifically proven method to make clear, readable instructions for any MS Access development. Click here to see an example of our Project Administrator software manuals.

How we like to work

When you start out, you probably have a general idea of what you want to achieve but the final product may be quite different. Ideas and opportunities evolve. New functions become evident and additional useful reporting information evolves. If you ask an MS Access developer to quote on a job, they will have to quote high to cover what they and you don't know at the time.

We prefer to quote phase by phase. We can give you a ball park estimate of the whole job but it might be out by 50% or even 100%. After a preliminary discussion, we will quote to do the requirements. Once these are completed, we will quote to do the development. If after testing, you decide on further enhancements, we will quote on those as well. At any time you can walk away and take the work you have paid for. WE will quote for manuals when the development is under way. You get the best price, and we don't have to cover the risk that the job will blow out.

On the other hand, if you want a fixed price quote because that is the way your company works, we can do that too.

Is Microsoft Access an undesirable Technology

Definitely not. It has a place in any organisation just as Excel and Word. One of the best descriptions I have seen is that in any organisation, there are lots of Excel spreadsheets. They could be developed in a more sophisticated programming language but that would cost 100 times the cost of the Excel solution. For 19 out of 20, Excel works fine and they will last for their life span in Excel. One in 20 may be redeveloped in a more sophisticated language that might even be Microsoft Access.

Similarly with Microsoft Access Development. 19 out of 20 will work just fine in Access. One may be developed in something more robust such as SQL Server and .NET but most do their job in Access. The tens, of hundreds of thousands of dollars are not warranted to redevelop Microsoft Access databases.

Access gets a bad name through people with little programming experience writing poor quality applications. Just as there are badly constructed Excel Spreadsheets, there are many badly constructed Microsoft Access databases. Most are put together by self taught amateurs.

Consider these points when thinking about a Microsoft Access Development.

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Interfaces with other Office programs
  • Can interface with SQL Server if desired
  • Quick to develop
  • Can be deployed with little effort
  • Usually fits within a Standard Operating Environment (SOE)
  • Well known technology so support is not an issue
  • Poor security
  • Has some database size limitations (although you will rarely cause a problem)
  • Not suitable for web use
  • Some limitations on concurrent usage (over 20 users for example)

If you would like more information, send us an email Microsoft Access Development Enquiry


Access Help and Samples

The following library of Access VBA samples may prove useful for MS Access Developers.

Microsoft Access Development Tips


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