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Projects generate masses of project documents. Worse still, each project usually makes up it's own directory structure to store project documents as it goes along. There is no consistent layout for directories and subdirectories. Time spent tracking down project documents can be significant - even worse when the project documentation you have been working with, turns out to be an early version that is now out of date. You need a document management system. Whilst some organisation's have document management system, most need their own project document software.

Using PA provides a way to log in, and hyperlink to those documents. Taking 20 seconds to log the document can save 20 minutes finding it a month later. You can even print a version control sheet to go with the document.

Project Management Software


  • All project documents can be viewed in one place
  • Easy to find documents because it is in a single consistent format within the project document software
  • Versions of documents can be tracked in the document management system
  • Project documents that span more than one project can be located easily

Project Document Reports Available:

  • Details for a single project document
  • Project documents between dates

White Papers on Project Documents

Below are a number of white papers which relate to document control on projects.

Project Charter, Business Case and Phase Plans Project Documentation  

The typical information to include in a Business Case, Project Charter or Phase Plan
Vision, Business Problem, Outcome, Objectives & all that stuff....
An outline of creating the project context before starting. It covers why we define the vision, outcome, objectives, stakeholders etc. and gives an example.
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