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Project Management Status Report

Project Status Report Template

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To generate a project status report for the project, the Project Manager need only add a few comments to the project status report template screen and the project management statusreport will be produced automatically showing:

Project Management Templates, Documents, Forms and Processes.
  •  Milestones in the last period, and if they are completed
  •  Milestones due next period
  •  Action items not completed by their due date
  •  Action items due to be completed in the next period
  •  The commentary prepared by the Project Manager.

The project weekly report can be e-mailed directly to a set distribution list (using Microsoft Outlook). The period can be set by the project manager. If you don't want a project weekly report, set the status to whatever period suits.

The value is not so much in the project status report. The value comes from ensuring that at least once a reporting period, the team is forced to review due and outstanding items. Usually this will force them to focus on completing actions and milestones so they do not appear in the report. This function acts as a project status report template or a piece of period status reporting software.

Project Weekly Report


  • Easy to see information because it is in a single consistent format
  • Project staff are forced to review progress on a period basis
  • Little work involved to generate a report
  • Periods can be set to match company requirements

Project Status Reports Available:

  • Project status report

White Papers on Project Initiation

Below are a number of white papers which relate to project status reporting and project reporting in general.

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White Paper on Weekly Project Status Report  Weekly Status Reports
What should and should not go in a weekly project status report. Provides an example of a report and discusses how it should be structured. Also covers monthly financial reporting

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The typical information to include in a Business Case, Project Charter or Phase Plan
Project Metrics Measuring Project Health
There is a simple way to answer the question "How is the project going?" This White Paper proposes an approach based on a series of traffic lights to display current project status
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