Idea Initiation Phase


Advise IT


To get the idea into the system so it can be reviewed and given a priority. Without this step, the idea will not get attention or resources.

  • Idea
    1. Advise the nominated person in IT
    2. Ask for assistance to complete a Concept Document or Request for Change (RFC)
  • Idea allocated to a Business Analyst
  • Idea entered on a Concept Log so that the work can be scheduled and managed

Contact the nominated person in IT. They will have a brief discussion and advise you when a Business Analyst, or Business/IT Liaison person has been nominated. The idea will be entered on a log of ideas so that it can be tracked.

In many cases this will be logged by the Service Desk who will pass the request for work on to the appropriate person or forum to consider. If the organisation is using ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) the forum might be a Change Advisory Board.


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