Idea Initiation Phase

Phase Zero Gate


  • Determine if we are ready to move into the Phase Zero Phase
  • This is part of the project governance process
  • Concept Paper or RFC
  • Draft plan for Phase Zero
  • Priority determined by IT Management and Business Forum
    1. Review Concept Paper/RFC for completeness and accuracy
    2. Ensure a priority has been agreed
    3. Ensure there are no changes to the idea or priority assigned
    4. Review the plan for the next phase
    5. Get authorisation from the Initiator and IT Management/Business Forum to move to the next phase
  • Agreement to move to the Phase Zero Phase
Before moving to the next phase, The Business and IT Management Forum should review the work undertaken in this phase to ensure it is complete and accurate. They should give written sign off to the project - or potential project - to move to the next stage.
Gate Form Template to be signed before the project moves to the next phase. The template should be signed by the CIO or his/her designate. If appropriate, Business should also sign off the form. The form stays with the project file and is signed off at each gate.

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