Idea Initiation Phase


Review Concept Paper

To ensure a shared understanding between the Initiator and the Business Analyst. Also to make sure there is sufficient information for IT Management and the Business to make an informed decision about the priority that should be assigned to the idea.
  • Concept Paper in draft form
    1. Arrange a meeting with the Initiator
    2. Forward a copy of the Concept Paper in draft form
    3. Discuss and take up any issues raised during the discussion
    4. If necessary carry out a further review with the initiator
    5. Recommend a priority for the idea and submit to IT Management
  • Final Concept Paper

After the Business Analyst has prepared a draft, they should review the draft with the initiator. Remember the Concept Paper is not a requirements document. It is "conceptual" as the name suggests. Avoid detail and focus on explaining in a few words what the idea is all about. Make sure the impacts and stakeholders are clear as it will set the scope for understanding the feasibility of the potential project.

If it is decided during discussion that the idea is not worth pursuing, it should be made clear that this is not an unusual outcome. Ideas are great but on expanding the idea, it may become evident that it is not realistic to turn the idea into a project. For every 10 ideas people come up with, only a few can make it through to warranting financial investment in the form of a project. That is not to say the ones that didn't make it were wasted. An organisation without ideas will gradually fade away.

If the Initiator feels the idea is one that requires immediate attention, it should be pointed out that resources are finite. If this is to proceed, other work may need to be postponed. The initiator should look at work currently being undertaken or scheduled to start for their business area and indicate what they see as a lesser priority. The final decision will probably be decided in discussion between the Business and IT Management but it is helpful if the Initiator indicates how the further work on the concept could be resourced.



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