Implement Production Infrastructure

Put in place the infrastructure to support the new system.
  • Infrastructure Requirements List
    1. Identify infrastructure requirements.
    2. Purchase infrastructure.
    3. Install infrastructure.
    4. Test infrastructure.
  • Production infrastructure

When a contract is signed, you will have started reviewing infrastructure and planning any new equipment or upgrades. The activity "Implement Essential Infrastructure" in the Customisation and Configuration Phase had the development of an Infrastructure Rollout Plan as a deliverable. It is likely that much of the work has already been completed by this point.

The activity is usually influenced by:

  • Supplier lead time
  • Timing of the purchase to not tie up capital until it is needed
  • Installation requirements

Often there is a highly dependant sequence of events. For example, new router and firewall may need to be available before you can implement a VPN solution. The team responsible for infrastructure will need to work closely with the team to ensure the infrastructure is available by the due date.

In most implementations, much of the core infrastructure will have been put in place for configuration, customisation and testing. The only changes required may be to extend the infrastructure availability to end users.


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