Obtain Agreement to Go Live

Obtain final sign off from all parties to go live
  • Pre Go Live Acceptance Criteria signed off for all areas
  • Readiness Checklist - Go Live
  • Handover plan
  • Implementation Plan
    1. Complete the Go Live Readiness Assessment document.
    2. Convene a meeting of all parties involved in the decision.
    3. Prepare material for the meeting.
    4. Hold the meeting and decide if you are ready to go live.
  • Go Live Readiness Assessment
  • Agreement to go live

The Go Live Readiness Assessment is a review of all aspects of the implementation. It is broader than the mandatory items identified in the Go Live Acceptance Criteria.

The Go Live Readiness Assessment can be progressively prepared as the phase progresses. As each element of the preparation is completed, the Readiness Assessment can be updated with the status of that element.

It is non negotiable that the Pre Go Live Acceptance Criteria should all be signed off before the meeting takes place. These are the mandatory deliverables and if they cannot be achieved, consideration of other aspects should not take place. The meeting should not be held.

In terms of participants, there should be representatives of all areas of the project. This included a person who can authorise the Go Live to proceed from the following stakeholder groups. Business, Development, Testing, Infrastructure, Vendors, Support and Service Desk. All should agree that they are comfortable to commence the Go Live activities.

Go Live Readiness Assessment Covers all areas of the Go Live preparation
Readiness Checklist - Go Live A checklist of things to review before you go live.

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