Produce Implementation Report

Gather the information produced in the phase and propose a path forward
  • Implementation Plan
  • Training Plan
  • Handover List
  • Go Live Acceptance Criteria
  • Go Live Readiness Assessment
      1. Ensure all the documents above are up to date.
      2. Create report and indicate path forward.
  • Implementation Report

The report is a compilation of the information produced during the phase. It documents what happened and how it happened and provides a record of the implementation. There are two key reasons for the implementation to be documented:

    1. It produces a record of activities in case there are future questions as to why we decided to implement, and who signed off what aspects of the implementation. Projects have ended in legal arguments around who agreed to what during an implementation.
    2. For other projects it provides a guide as to how a project was implemented, and any lessons learned during the activity.
Implementation Report Document to capture details of the implementation

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