Produce Training Plan

Produce a plan for training that identifies people, training sessions, times and venues.
  • Implementation Plan
    1. Perform a Training Needs Analysis (TNA).
    2. Identify required training.
    3. Schedule training.
    4. Create training courses and materials.
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Plan

The starting point for the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) is to understand the skills that will be required. There will typically be skills within the package e.g. how to carry out particular functions. There might also be external skills. An example may be where a new stock control system is being introduced, and people need to be trained in the use of bar code labelers.

The skills should be lumped into potential training modules. For example if there are a number of skills relating to customer management, perhaps it is appropriate to map skills relating to customer management as one item. It will require looking at the situation from both ends.

  • What skills do we require?
  • How do we group those skills into training modules?

A training module is different to a training course. A course may cover several modules. It may even be that only some people attend some modules, but everyone attends others. To illustrate the point, a course for a new call centre may include modules on using the telephone system and entering data in the software. If some people are already familiar with the telephone system, they might skip this module.

Once the TNA is completed, coursed can be scheduled and people allocated to each course. Invites are sent and people respond. There is likely to be a degree of shuffling required to get people into a convenient course. Inevitably there will be last minute cancellations and people wanting to reschedule. For this reason, front load the program. Fill up the early courses and leave later ones with some vacancies. If someone drops out of the early course, you will have a spot for them in the later course.

Training Plan A spreadsheet to manage the TNA and scheduling of courses. Also provides a feedback mechanism for the capability of attendees.
Training Database A simple Access database to allow you to track who has done what training. Useful if everyone has to do the same training.

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