Review Go Live Acceptance Criteria

Check the agreed mandatory criteria that need to be in place before considering going live.
  • Implementation Plan
  • Go Live Acceptance Criteria
    1. Assess the readiness against the Go Live Acceptance Criteria.
    2. Obtain sign off for each of the "Pre Go Live" criteria.
  • Pre Go Live Acceptance Criteria signed off by the relevant parties.
  • System ready to go live.

The Go Live Acceptance Criteria are the mandatory factors that must have been successfully completed. They are split into:

  • Pre Go Live
  • Go Live

By reviewing the Go Live Acceptance Criteria you will be able to determine if you are ready to move forward. Each item on the "Pre Go Live" list should be physically signed off by the person nominated to review that item. Obviously the items on the "Go Live" list will not be signed off until you are into the Go Live Cycle.

There is a separate document - Go Live Readiness Assessment - that will also need to be completed in the next activity. While the Go Live Acceptance Criteria document lists the things that must be done, the Readiness document reviews all aspects of the preparation to go live - both mandatory and optional.


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