Project Closure


Archive Project Documentation

Store information relating to the project
  • All documentation produced during the project
    1. Gather the information.
    2. File and inventory the material.
  • All relevant project information stored in a secure location

When cleaning up the documentation and trying to decide if information should be retained, ask yourself:

  • Will this be useful to someone on another project as a model of what to do?
  • If someone in the future questions any aspect of why something happened the way it did, is this document relevant?
  • Does this document have any legal significance?

If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions the document should be retained.

An inventory should be put together and stored with the information. At the very least, the inventory should indicate where to find particular types of document. For example, where to find documents relating to variations, or documents relating to communication planning. If someone does need to investigate in the future, it will give them a starting point.

It is likely there will be hard and soft copies. As a general rule if both hard and soft copies are available, unless the hard copy has some critical additional information (e.g. a signature or hand written agreement), you should only retain the soft copy.

Your PMO should have some policy as to where and how documents should be stored. They can provide guidance.


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