Project Closure


Hold Kick Off Meeting

To brief participants and formally start the phase
  • Final plan for Project Closure Phase
    1. Plan the meeting.
    2. Invite Attendees.
    3. Create an agenda.
    4. Hold the meeting.
    5. Address any issues arising from the meeting.
  • Phase formally started

At this stage of the project, this activity is optional. There might only be one or two people still working in the project. For example the Project Manager may be doing the PIR and cleaning up documentation on their own. The Project Manager may be employing an External Consultant to do the PIR and they may be the only two people involved.

If there are a number of people involved and the meeting is to take place, it should cover:

  • Purpose and duration of the phase
  • Activities to be undertaken and timings
  • Resource requirements for each activity
  • Roles and responsibilities (summary as you will have briefed each person individually on their role and responsibilities)
  • Project Infrastructure (e.g. how risks and issues are managed, variation process, tools etc.)
  • Major risks and issues outstanding
  • Logistical issues (location of staff, workshop venues, time sheeting etc.)
  • Expectations (What is expected of team members)

You should also insist the Sponsor is present. Not only does it add credibility to the activity but it also ensures attendance. Someone is not likely to drop out if they know the Sponsor feels it is important enough to attend the meeting.

Kick Off Meeting Agenda Template for an agenda
Project Kick Off Checklist A checklist of things that should be in place before the project begins.

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