Phase Zero Phase


Agree Phase Zero Report

To gain agreement to the path forward
Phase Zero Report
    1. Decide who should receive the report
    2. Distribute the report
    3. Hold a meeting to discuss
    4. Agree any changes and the path forward
    5. Amend the report
  • Amended Phase Zero Report

IT Management and Business should discuss the report with the person who prepared it. When they are satisfied with the accuracy and completeness, the report should be distributed to key stakeholders. A meeting should be convened to discuss the report and path forward. At this meeting it may be possible to resolve some of the conflicts and inconsistencies.

It is important that the meeting is attended by people who can make decisions about the initiation of a project. For example, who has the authority to commit resources and money? Who might have the authority to delay a project so that this one can start? Who can commit business resources?

An amended report should be produced and distributed once the meeting has concluded. This should detail the agreed path forward. It should also indicate who should fill key roles in the project such as Sponsor, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Business Representatives.


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