Phase Zero


Identify Other Information Sources

To find other sources of information - either internal or external to the company - that may allow us to better understand the Concept
  • Concept Paper
    1. Look for alternative information on the topic using resources such as the Internet, other people involved in the area, suppliers, customers etc.
    2. Gather relevant information
  • Further information

Often someone comes up with an idea that may well have been tried and implemented in another environment. Rather than re-invent the wheel, it is useful to do some research to find out if the idea has been implemented either inside or outside the organisation.

If you have business or personal contacts in similar organisations, they may have been involved in similar undertakings. The Internet is an invaluable source of information. Also talk with colleagues who may have looked at the concept for previous employers.

It is not an activity that should absorb major chunks of time. Often an hour will exhaust all avenues. Sometimes that hour will save a considerable number of days doing further investigation.


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