Phase Zero Phase


Produce Phase Zero Report

Document the findings and recommend a path forward
  • Concept Paper
  • Interview Notes
  • Key Stakeholder Analysis
  • High Level Scope
  • Conflicts and Inconsistencies
    1. Review existing material
    2. Draft the report
    3. Review and amend draft
    4. Submit to the Business/IT Management Forum
  • Phase Zero Report

The report pulls together all the information gathered during the phase. Whilst there are a number of documents produced to date, there will also be a considerable amount of information in the notes from interviews. While the template has the usual topics that need to be included, it should not be seen as being complete for all situations. If you feel there are headings you need to add for a specific project, you should add those sections.

The draft report is presented to IT Management for discussion. A meeting to cover key points, and agree a direction forward will be held after IT Management consider who should be included in the decision.

Phase Zero Report Report on the information gathered to date, and the suggested path forward

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