Project Planning


Agree Resources

To gain agreement to the number, commitment and quality of resources required
  • Resource Requirements document
  • Draft Schedule
  • High Level Scope
    1. Have a preliminary discussion with the Sponsor about the required resources.
    2. Negotiate individual resources.
    3. Confirm resources.
  • Agreed resources

Initially it is useful to discuss resources with the Sponsor. It is likely that the Sponsor will be responsible for some of the allocation anyway. When you talk to the Sponsor, you will make recommendations on the actual people to fill the role.

They will be:

  • Identified individuals or perhaps a choice between identified individuals
  • From a group of people with a specific skill set, but not identified individually
  • To be recruited

The Sponsor has the prerogative to change the time or scope if more or less time commitment is considered appropriate. Remember as Project Manager this should not be a direction to 'just do it with these people'. It is a trade off between time, scope, cost and resources.

Another option is to train up people if they are missing part of the skill set. For example, you may need a DBA who has SQL Server 2005 experience but the only available person only has SQL Server 2000 experience. You could consider that person provided they went on a training course. You might need to include the cost of training in the project.

Once commitments are agreed, be sure to confirm all the details in writing. The form below has a location to sign off by their Manager. You can use this , or just send an email to confirm the discussion and agreement.

You will also need to ensure that where people are part time, the time they spend is recorded. Often what is agreed, and what is made available are very far apart.

Resource Requirements Template outlining the skills required and time the person will be involved in the project.
Negotiating Skills Excellent and lengthy article on negotiating sourced from GetAhead who are a training organisation

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