Project Planning


Determine Risk Management Process

To put in place a process for managing risks
  • Existing Risk Management Processes for the organisation if it exists
    1. Identify Risk Management processes that may exist in the organisation.
    2. Select a process.
    3. Modify the process if necessary to suit the project.
    4. Gain approval from the Sponsor for the process.
  • Approved Risk Management Process

If your organisation has existing risk management processes, these can probably be adapted to suit. You may for example need to modify the people who are involved in assessing risks if it is a small or large project.

If you need to develop a process from scratch, the attached guide to risk management is a useful document to read. It will show you how to capture and assess risks, and how to develop mitigation strategies.

Risk Assessment Worksheet This is a document to record each risk. Some of the information in the worksheet does not need to be included with every risk. Just add the key information to record risks 2, 3 etc.
Risk Management User Guide A guide to identifying and managing risks
Basics of Risk Management A white paper that talks about some of the issues with setting up and managing project budgets

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