Project Planning


Identify Quality Activities

To ensure each deliverable is subjected to a quality assessment before delivery
  • WBS
  • Schedule
    1. Identify deliverables.
    2. Create a quality process for each deliverable.
    3. Compile into a Quality Plan if appropriate or a Quality Schedule.
  • Quality Plan including a Quality Schedule

The scope of this activity will be dependant on scale of the project. For smaller projects only a quality schedule may be appropriate. For larger projects a quality plan will be required. Full details are provided in the User Guide.

Essentially you should identify each deliverable from the WBS and schedule, and ask how will you know the deliverable meets quality expectations? From this you will be able to work out what you need to do to ensure the required level of quality.

There are two perspectives on quality:

  • Is it well constructed.
  • Is is accurate/appropriate

Something may be well constructed but not accurate/appropriate. For example a document may be well written and concise but have the wrong information. Code may be perfect but it does not perform the function it was meant to perform. You need to decide what needs to be checked when arranging quality activities.

Quality Plan A plan including quality schedule and outline of each quality event
Quality Event Document to record a quality event and any defects identified during the quality event
Quality Schedule Separate Quality Schedule document
Inspection Report Records results of an inspection
Walk thru Form Records results of a walk thru
Quality Management User Guide Complete guide to quality activities on a project.
Project Quality Plan A white paper on quality planning in projects
Building a Quality Culture White paper on improving the quality control in your organisation
Creating a Quality Plan White paper on how to produce a quality plan

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