Project Planning


Produce Communications Plan

To develop a plan so that everyone is kept informed of the project, it's progress and implications.
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Schedule
  • High level scope
  • Roles and responsibilities
    1. Decide the level of detail required.
    2. Produce a communications plan if applicable.
    3. Produce a communications schedule.
    4. Modify the existing progress report to suit the scale of the project.
  • Communications plan (optional)
  • Communications schedule
  • Progress report template

The size of the project will determine the level of detail required. For a small project you may only produce a schedule however for a large project, you may need to produce a full communications plan.

Full details of how to create a communications plan are contained in the Communications Planning User Guide below. They explain the use of the templates and provide examples.

If the project is going to have a major impact on the people, and how they work, a Change Management program should be considered. Whilst it is touched on in the User Guide, it is outside the scope of this process to provide guidance on how to set up a Change Management program.

Communications Plan Plan for communications.
Communications Schedule Schedule of communications events.
Progress Report A periodic report circulated to show progress over a period
Communications Plan User Guide Full details on how to produce a communications plan.
Creating a Communication Plan A white paper on planning communications in a project
New techniques in project communication White paper on using new technologies in project communication
Change Management Case Study White paper outlining a case study of change management in a bank.

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