Project Planning


Produce Project Management Plan

Produce a Project Management Plan for approval. The PMP identifies how the project will be managed. It is sometimes called a Project Execution Plan.
  • High Level Scope
  • Change Control Process
  • Risk Management Process
  • Procurement Process
  • Budget Control Process
  • Issues, Risks, Action Logs
  • Resource Requirements and Resource Management Plan
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Risk Assessment
  • Communications Plan
  • Quality Plan
  • Costs and Benefits
    1. Complete the template for Project Management Plan
    2. Submit to the Sponsor for Approval
  • Project Management Plan ready for approval

This activity is also about pulling together the work completed in the phase. The final document is substantially a collection of attachments that have been created up to this point. As you work through each component, previously completed components may change so you need to revisit each document to ensure it is correct at the final point.

Many of the activities will be standard procedures within your organisation. For example, there may be a standard approach to managing issues, or procurement. In this case, just refer to the company standard procedure.

This is the third of three related documents produced in the phase:

  • The Project Charter is the business justification for undertaking the project.
  • The Schedule shows the activities, times, sequencing and resources to be applied to the project.
Project Management Plan Document to assimilate all the information you need into one document.

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