Project Planning


Set up Issue, Risk and Action Logs

To put in place tools for managing Issues, Risks and Actions. If you already have corporate tools, this step can be skipped.
  • Probably a few issues and actions on pieces of paper
    1. Set up the logs
    2. Transfer all existing information into the logs
  • Working logs for Risks, Issues and Actions

Logs can be set up in all sorts of different applications. Your organisation may have existing tools to manage these items. If so, just ensure they are being used, and that existing issues, risks and actions are recorded in the tool.

If nothing exists, the most straight forward way to set it up is to use Excel. A few sample logs are listed in the templates. You may want to add or delete columns to suit your organisation.

We also include a combined log which would be preferential. In this you have risk and issue logs as separate worksheets. Actions are a third worksheet and each action can be cross referenced to an issue, a risk, or neither.

Risk Log An Excel log to record Risks
Issue Log An Excel log to record Issues
Action Log An Issue log to record Actions
Combined Log A single spreadsheet to allow you to capture risks, issues and actions.

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