Preliminary Requirements


Finalise Phase Plan
Preliminary Requirements

Refine the draft plan to ensure we understand what we are doing. It is likely that between a draft plan being considered and this phase starting, there will have been enough changes to cause some of the timelines to change. Issues and risks may also have been resolved and perhaps some new ones discovered
  • Draft phase plan
    1. Review the draft plan and look for changes.
    2. Prepare a schedule (Gantt Chart).
    3. Allocate resources.
    4. Confirm resource availability.
    5. Revise list of issues and risks.
    6. Gain agreement from the Sponsor to implement plan.
  • Gantt Chart
  • Final Phase plan

The basis for developing a phase plan is the previously prepared draft plan. The plan should be reviewed to determine if particular aspects have changed. Typically the following need to occur:

  • Update the 'Current Status'
  • Review the 'Work Required' section to ensure it is still a reflection of the activities to be completed
  • Produce a schedule in Microsoft Project including milestones
  • Allocate resources and gain their agreement to participate as required
  • Identify any risks or issues that are still outstanding and which may impact the outcome of this project
  • Update the cost estimate

The draft plan should be retained as there is sometimes questions as to why certain events occurred, or when they first come to light. It is good practice in project management to retain old documents.

Once the plan is complete, it should be discussed with the Sponsor to gain agreement to proceed. The Sponsor will ensure the plan is workable and that all necessary planning steps have been undertaken.

Phase Plan - Preliminary Requirements Updated version of draft plan.

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