Preliminary Requirements


Identify Business Process Requirements

Identify the key business processes the system will need to support
  • High Level Scope
  • Functional Decomposition
    1. Identify process boundaries.
    2. Map processes within those boundaries.
  • High Level process map

This activity is not one that lends itself to a workshop until a working draft is produced. The workshop can then critique the draft. It is more appropriate for a Business Analyst to interview people then produce a draft for discussion.

There is also a question of what level to drill down to. If undecided, ask the following questions.

"Do I need to drill down to illustrate an interface to another system or department?"

"Is the level of detail in line with the level in the Functional Decomposition?"

"How would the Vendor benefit from the additional level of information?"

Essentially you want to capture in no more than four or five diagrams, the scope of the business processes. Ideally it can be done with one diagram. Use a tool such as Visio of, if your company has more sophisticated tools for business process modeling, these can be used.

The example below is based on an order processing application

Business Process Modeling White paper on BPM and how it fits with software design.

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