Preliminary Requirements


Identify Major Impacts

Understand which parts of the organisation may be impacted by the proposed system and how that impact may be felt.
  • Concept paper
  • Intermediate scope
  • Functional Decomposition
  • Data Model
  • Business Process Model
    1. Review the documentation.
    2. Identify impacts.
    3. Discuss with stakeholders to identify further impacts.
    4. Complete the impact assessment.
  • Impact statement

We have created a template to identify the following impacts:

  • People Impacts
  • Process Impacts
  • Data Impacts
  • Organisational Impacts
  • Training Impacts
  • Logistical Impacts
  • External Impacts
  • Infrastructure Impacts
  • Other Application Impacts
  • Other Impacts

If other categories of impact are identified for a project they should be included.

We need to identify what is the impact without necessarily quantifying the impact. If you can quantify the impact that is even better. For example, if the impact is that data needs to be cleaned up, it is useful to know how much. We also need to identify who will feel the impact, how it will be addressed, who will address the impact, and when it needs to be completed.

The impact assessment will be revisited later in the project however it may be worth starting some work now. If for example, data needs to be cleaned up, action should start immediately.

Impact Assessment Document to capture impacts and actions that might arise from those impacts

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