Preliminary Requirements


Market Review Gate

  • Determine if we are ready to move into the Market Review Phase
  • This is part of the project governance process
  • Preliminary Requirements Report
  • Plan for Market Review Phase
    1. Review Preliminary Requirements Report for completeness and accuracy.
    2. Review the plan for the next phase.
    3. Review Issue, Risk and Action logs for any significant problems.
    4. Get authorisation from the Sponsor and IT Management to move to the next phase.
  • Agreement from the Sponsor to move to the Market Review Phase
Before moving to the next phase, the Sponsor should review the work undertaken in this phase to ensure it is complete and accurate. They should give written sign off to the project - or potential project - to move to the next stage.
Gating Authority Form to sign off before moving to the next phase. It should already exist and be signed off for previous phases.

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