Market Review


Produce Market Review Report

Collate all the information gathered to date and propose a path forward
  • Functional Decomposition
  • Data Model
  • Business Process
  • Final Scope
  • RFI
  • Risk and Issue Logs
    1. Ensure all the documents above are up to date.
    2. Create report and indicate path forward.
  • Market Review Report

The report is a collection of the information gathered during the phase. You should now be down to three or less candidates and looking to move to the next stage of the evaluation.

If the request was for an RFP or RFQ, there will be some flexibility in what is being delivered. What and how the package will be implemented is probably more flexible. As such there will be more work to be done before what you want, and what the vendor can supply are aligned.

If the request was an RFT, your wants and the vendor's proposal should be closely aligned. If this is the case, the ensuring phases will be more focused on validation rather than exploration. You will focus on making sure it does fit your documented requirements rather than investigating how the requirements may be massaged to fit what the solution can provide.

Market Review Report A template to record the results of the phase

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