Produce RFI Request Document

Produce a document for the Suppliers
  • Preliminary Requirements Report
  • Intermediate Scope
  • Functional Decomposition
  • Data Model
  • Business Processes
    1. Review the documentation.
    2. Prepare the draft document.
    3. Review the document.
    4. Carry out rework.
    5. Approve for circulation to vendors.
  • Response to RFI

Make it clear to Vendors that this is a loose requirements document and they should respond with alternatives as to how the requirements can be addressed. They can also respond by suggesting another approach that may better suit industry standard practices. The focus is on looking at a variety of approaches that might allow you to achieve your desired outcome.

The vendors should also be encouraged to point out areas in the requirements where they believe there are better ways of doing things. Initiative should be encouraged. The requirements are not a locked down document as might be the case in an RFT (Request for Tender). They are a work in progress.

RFI Template Template for an RFI

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