Solution Evaluation


Arrange Demonstrations

Ensure enough time for everyone to attend the demonstrations
  • Availability of attendees
    1. Call the vendors and explain the process. Get availability of the Vendor.
    2. Determine location (vendor or company premises).
    3. Get availability of potential attendees.
    4. Confirm a suitable time.
  • Confirmed demonstrations

Make sure the Vendor understands that it is not just a sales presentation. There may be considerable work required from the Vendor to prepare the demonstration. Discuss the time required, and also the location. It is preferable to have the demonstration on your premises but sometimes it is not practical to do this. There may be infrastructure required, or bandwidth may be an issue.

The time required will probably be more than the Vendor might expect for a simple display of the features the Vendor might want to show you. It may be anywhere from two hours to a day for a major system. Try to ensure technical people attend from the Vendor organisation to handle any bugs or technical issues around the demonstration. It is also be useful to have your technical people on hand to understand the technical knowledge level in the Vendor organisation.

When making appointments internally, also arrange time for a debrief after each demonstration. Attendees should reconvene immediately after the demonstration to get their thoughts and impressions down before they are lost.


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