Solution Evaluation


Produce Solution Evaluation Shortlist

To cull the list down to a maximum of two solutions
  • Response to RFI/RFP/RFQ/RFT
  • Demonstrations
  • Demonstration Evaluations
  • Solution Impact Assessments
  • Financial and business partner information
    1. Hold a workshop to review the material.
    2. Discuss the reasons to proceed or not proceed with each vendor.
    3. Make a decision as to who will be rejected, and who will be successful.
  • Shortlist for the next phase

There may be a delay in holding this evaluation if there are major questions still to be answered by the Vendors. After the demonstration we identified areas where we were unsure about information. We might be delayed waiting for feedback that could have a major impact on who remains on the shortlist. Keep pressure on the Vendors to provide answers.

It may be that you only had two or three Vendors on the demonstration and have decided to proceed with all of them. There would typically be at least two available at this point. If you proceed with three, consider that it will take 50% more effort to evaluate the third. Is it really worth the effort?

In a workshop start with a list of the good and bad points of each. This will have been identified initially in the Demonstration Evaluation, but the other documents will also include points to add to the list. If the list is likely to be extensive, split the group into a number of groups to work independently on each list. Another approach if the list is extensive is to summarise the points before the meeting.

You can adopt the 'nobody leaves until we make a decision' approach to force people to work through the process. If it does become deadlocked, it is probably better to include the Vendors who cannot be unanimously voted out. It is likely that more differentiators will emerge during the final stage of selection.

Solution Evaluation Vendor Summary A working document to summarise all the good and bad points, the decision to proceed or not proceed with each Vendor, and the justification for the decision.

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