Solution Evaluation


Review Solution Impacts

Understand the impacts each solution may have on the organisation.
  • Response to RFI/RFP/RFQ/RFT
  • Demonstrations
  • Demonstration Evaluations
    1. Review the documentation for each solution.
    2. Identify and note any impacts.
  • Solution Impact Assessment

The Solution Impact Assessment document is a similar format to the Impact Assessment completed during the Preliminary Requirements Phase. The major difference is that, at this point in time, it is not an action list. Some impacts will apply to all Vendors and some to one Vendor. Identify which Vendor(s).

The Solution Impact Assessment will form part of the evaluation of Vendors when the shortlist is next reviewed. When a final decision is made, the items relating to that Vendor can be transferred to the original Impact Assessment so that they can be managed as a single group.

If an impact has already been recorded in the Preliminary Requirements Impact Assessment, do not duplicate it in this assessment. You should also take the opportunity to update the original assessment. Some impacts may have been addressed; others may have been found not valid; some may need to be modified. If an impact is identified that is common for all solutions, it can be entered in the Preliminary Requirements Impact Assessment.

Solution Impact Assessment Identifies the impacts of each solution.

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