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Business Trial

Understand how well the solution will meet business needs
  • Functionality Evaluation Document
  • Data Modeling Worksheet
  • Reports Evaluation Document
    1. Set up a working version of the system.
    2. Work through the functionality with the Vendor.
    3. Work through the data with the Vendor.
    4. Work through the reports with the Vendor.
  • Completed Functionality Evaluation Document
  • Completed Data Modeling Worksheet
  • Completed Reports Evaluation Document

The Vendor should set up an instance of the solution with data that can be modified. It is preferable, but not always possible, to do this at the customer's site. Similarly it is preferable, but not always possible to use client data.

The business and technical evaluations should ideally occur in parallel to ensure the process is completed as quickly as possible. This may require the Vendor to provide two teams to work with two customer teams (Business and Technical). If they cannot do the work in parallel, it is usually best to do the business evaluation first. Examining the functionality of the system is more likely to raise technical issues than vice versa.

Given the demands on the Vendor, it is sometimes necessary to pay the Vendor for the technical team provided. Make sure you are clear on the Vendor's attitude to this before you start. If payment is to occur, an hourly rate may be negotiated.

The whole exercise may take from a day to a week depending on the scope of the solution. It may also involve a number of people so scheduling in advance is important. Make sure that if you require your Stock Clerk or Customer Service Manager on a particular day, they are available.

If particular issues cannot be resolved, ask for a follow up after the evaluation period. The key is to move as quickly as possible through this exercise while so many people are involved. Difficult problems are best taken off line. Don't stick only to the script during the evaluation. If a path opens that might lead to an area that could be a concern, explore that area. If there is not enough time, address it after the allocated period or take it off line.

Nil Templates used were prepared in a previous activity
Business Evaluation User Guide How to undertake the evaluation and record results

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