Solution Decision


Create Implementation Activity List

Identify the activity required at implementation in order to include the costs in the final business case.
  • Impact Assessment
  • Solution Impact Assessment
  • Final Requirements
  • Evaluation documents
    1. Review the checklist to get an initial list of activities.
    2. Hold a workshop with the Project Team to add to the initial list.
    3. Quantify the cost of the activities.
  • List of implementation activities

The reason for doing the work at this stage is to understand the cost associated with implementing the system. We will shortly be producing a final business case and need to get an understanding of the cost of implementing the solution.

The checklist will provide most of the activities however each organisation and each solution will have activities unique to that project. The best way to find out all the activities is to start with the list, and use the headings to create a list applicable to that project. From there you can brainstorm other activities and even do some rough estimates of cost in the workshop.

Implementation Activities List List of activities and costings for the implementation
Implementation Checklist Typical activities that need to be undertaken at implementation.

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