Solution Decision


Produce Final Business Case

Gain agreement to the solution and the budget to purchase and implement the solution
  • Project Charter
  • Final Scope
  • Organisational Impact Assessment
  • Solution Impact Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Solution Options Evaluation
  • Infrastructure Requirements List
  • Implementation Activities List
  • Technical Evaluation Document
  • Functional Evaluation Document
  • Data Evaluation Worksheet
    1. Update the schedule to include information gathered from the demonstrations, implementation and infrastructure activities.
    2. Calculate a cost for the proposed solution.
    3. Update the cost section of the business case.
    4. Review and update benefits section of the business case.
    5. Review and update risk section of the business case.
    6. Include the final scope section into the business case.
  • Final Business Case

A considerable amount of work is involved in preparing the business Project Charter. Start by using the information gathered since then to update the schedule. From the updated schedule you can start to put together resource requirements and see where major capital items will be required.

You will also need to decide how much information on how many options is to be included. Generally, if there is one outstanding option, only include information on that option. If there are multiple options which are all close, by all means make a recommendation but include financials on all options.

The infrastructure and implementation lists will be used in the schedule, but also to identify purchases that may be required. Where there are gaps in the solution, you need to decide if you will fill these gaps with additional work or purchases. If for example, certain reports were not available, these will need to be built into the schedule. In reality, the gap analysis was completed after the final requirements so anything is the gap analysis should be within the requirements.

All this has to be costed. That in itself can be a time consuming exercise. Make sure that every item on the implementation, infrastructure and gap analysis is accounted for in the budget.

Although you have only received indicative pricing, you should know about where you expect the final price to end up. Build the solution price into the budget.

As more information has become available, more benefits may have been identified. You may need to revisit various managers to confirm or amend existing benefits, and add new benefits.

Risk management is ongoing and a current risk assessment should be included in the business case. If there are a number of options, specific risks against specific solutions should be recorded.

Business Case Template for the business case to seek approval to proceed with the purchase

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