Solution Decision


Produce Solution Decision Report

Document the work undertaken during Solution Decision and propose a path forward
  • Evaluation of data, functionality and reports evaluation
  • Evaluation of technical requirements
  • Gap Analysis
  • Reference check results
  • Implementation activity list
  • Infrastructure requirements list
  • Solution Options Evaluation
  • Final Business Case
  • Final Contract
    1. Ensure all the documents above are up to date.
    2. Create report and indicate path forward.
  • Solution Decision Report

The report is a collection of the information gathered during the phase. It should clearly illustrate why you selected the package you did, and the facts you were aware of in making that decision.

This document is a collection of information gathered during the phase and forms the basis for the Sponsor to consider if you are ready to proceed to the next stage. Configuration and Customisation and Business Processes are phases that will be carried out in parallel

Solution Decision Report A template to record the results of the phase

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