Configuration and Customisation


Implement Essential Infrastructure

Put in place infrastructure to allow development and testing
  • Solution Decision Report
  • Technical Evaluation Document
  • Company IT environmental standards
  • Resource Plan
    1. Identify the number of environments required.
    2. Set up workstations, servers, databases etc.
    3. Configure the environments.
    4. Provide security access to the team.
  • Development and testing environments
  • Infrastructure rollout plan (Gantt Chart)

If your organisation has standards for development and test environments, these will guide the work to be undertaken. From the technical trial, you should understand the components of the environment to be created, and the team size will identify the physical hardware to be deployed. You also need to set up team access to the environment.

In addition you may need to set up working facilities for the Project Team. It may include facilities for technical support staff from the Vendor. Offsite access may also be required. If you have a number of branches, you may need to provide access for testing and training.

Other tools such as web conferencing facilities might need to be considered. This can be particularly useful when work is being done in a number of locations.

A second stage of this activity is to plan the requirements for the production environment. An infrastructure rollout plan needs to be developed to purchase, install and test the production environment.


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