Business Process


Produce Pre Business Process Training

Prepare training to support business processes that can be implemented before Go Live
  • Business Process Rollout Plan
  • Gap Analysis
  • Business Process Models
    1. Review the documentation.
    2. Produce the training material.
    3. Validate the training material.
  • Business Process Training Material

It is useful at this stage to agree a format for the training. A number of training modules are likely to be produced and if a template can be prepared, it will simplify the preparation and delivery. A consistent look and feel for each process training module will make it easier for staff to understand.

The key points to communicate are:

  • Where does this process fit in the bigger picture?
  • What is the scope of the process?
  • What does it replace?
  • Who will be impacted?
  • What is the new business process?
  • Is there any supporting material such as forms, documents etc?
  • How and when will it be rolled out?

Preparation of the training may also entail updating user manuals or procedure documents. Just because the training has been delivered, it does not mean the business process will be implemented without a problem. The implementation will need to be monitored so training time should be allocated for mentoring type work. It may also be that the change has some unforeseen negative impacts and the process has to be amended. This will require the training materials to be updated.


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