Request for Information

To gather information from a broad number of vendors as to what is available on the market and how it might influence our requirements
Requirements documents from the last phase.
Response to RFI
Typically you can allow something less than a week to put a requirement together, two weeks for the vendor to respond, and a week for evaluation. In total it will be three and a half to four weeks
  • Project Manager
  • Sponsor
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Representatives
  • Technical Experts (where required)
  • Vendors
  • Consultant organisation (optional) to carry out RFI
This stage can be ignored if you are going directly to an RFQ, RFP or RFT.

An RFI is undertaken at a point where it is expected there will be a loose fit between the requirements and what a vendor can provide. Not being aware of what is available in this particular market, there will probably be things that vendors offer that you have not considered. The information gathered during the RFI will likely influence the requirements.

The number of vendors who will be approached, will probably be between four and ten. They will have been identified in the last phase. Phone each when you are ready to distribute the RFI document and make sure they are happy to participate.

Nil RFI is included in the Market Review Gantt Chart

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