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Press Release - 31 March 2009

Project Perfect Introduces SP 2 Software Selection Tool for Project Management

Software choices can be difficult and mistakes can be costly to business, so new solutions to help chose the right system for your needs could be a welcome money saving tool.

Abbotsford, Australia (PRWEB) March 31, 2009 -- Project Perfect has released a new Software Package Selection Process tool called SP2, a web based system for taking an idea through software feasibility, requirements, selection, customisation and implementation. The new SP2 system methodology tool is now available online.

Neville Turbit, a Director of Project Perfect said "You may purchase a few pieces of major software a year. Vendors sell thousands. Who is going to run the selection process? Who knows all the tricks? Our methodology tool is based on decades of experience by many Project Mangers."

SP2 is a web based, step by step, software methodology. It includes 12 phases broken down into 160 possible activities. There are over 120 templates and 31 reference documents on topics such as risk management and benefit identification. In addition, for each activity there are instructions, templates
and references to illustrate the process. Also included are links to Project Perfect white papers (library has over 120 white papers) on relevant project management topics.

IT publications often run disaster stories on businesses buying inappropriate software solutions in which similar software selection errors are repeatedly chronicled. A solution is needed which draws on the experiences of others in the form of a software package selection tool that looks at common mistakes, provides a methodology to avoid the pitfalls, reduce risks, cut the time it takes to make a selection and cut costs. SP2 will also eliminate the risk of picking the wrong solution.

The selection tool has three layers. Phases; Activities within phases; Templates and References to support each activity. We have put the phase level information on our web site for people to sample. One phase has all the activities, templates and reference material there so you can use the methodology approach to the project feasibility phase or Phase Zero.

The software methodology can be customised to suit your organisation. All source material is provided.

The tool can be extended to fit a software development lifecycle (SDLC). Of the 12 phases, 8 are generic to both a software development lifecycle methodology and a package selection methodology.

About Project Perfect: Project Perfect are specialists in Project Infrastructure and have been selling Project Administrator Software for over a decade. Project Administrator is used for risk management, issue management, change control, project document management, meeting agendas and minutes and almost every aspect of managing a project

SP2 can be purchased online and used immediately, It doesn't require a web server and can even be installed on a laptop. (To share the selection tool, it can be stored in a central location such as a company Intranet.)