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School Project Planning

School Projects

We have all been there. Whether it was when we were 6, 16 or 26 we have all had a school project, or a school assignment to do and left it to the last minute. Stress and panic followed. In fact, it is best summarized by Turbit's Law.

Turbit's Law

The five "P's" that relate to assignments.

              • Procrastinate
              • Panic
              • Proceed
              • Plan
              • Perform

"I have just been looking at your Student Assignment pack and think it is a great idea! When I think back to my school days, I think I lived entirely by Turbit’s law! :) As a student I probably would have done much better with the pack, I certainly would have had a lot less ulcers!"

Andreas Sher
Hong Kong Airport

We firstly do nothing. Finally with around 80% of the available time past, we panic. Then we proceed - not necessarily in any direction. More in the manner of the famous headless chicken. With some luck, with only a few hours to go, we stop, plan what we have to do, and only then do we really perform.

Planning the School Project or School Assignment

Trying to fathom out why we do this is better done by a team of psychologists. This site is about helping you start with the "Plan", and then "Perform". It is applicable to anyone from a parent helping a six year old child create a model of a farm for a school project, to a university student doing a doctorate. In fact, the earlier the habits can be instilled, the easier life will be.

To get our Free Planning Kit for student assignments click here Free Project Management Student Planning Kit

We also have a list of 10 tips for getting school projects and school assignments completed on time Student Project Tips and Hints

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